How D2C brands can leverage the SetMyCart platform to accelerate growth?

The global pandemic has forced all online sellers to streamline their process of tapping customers. Earlier, when much of the reliance was on middlemen or market conditions has now been reduced to just the availability of the internet. The market scenario is now completely altered. Gone are the days when we used to find just the Tier 1 cities sellers online. Now manufacturers and sellers from all cities have jumped into the bandwagon of online selling. The surge in e-commerce has led to the growth of D2C brands. Merely removing the middleman is not enough for the brands, they still need to build a relationship with customers and offer a personalized brand experience.

Faltering D2C operations and limited brand awareness are two major causes of the protracted growing process. While brands might be walking the extra mile to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, their growth is still stunted due to several underlying factors. Some examples of such factors can be-

Poor customer management

Not being able to provide order status or a tracking ID are major causes of customer dissatisfaction.

User experience

Sometimes the website design is too complex for any customer to understand. There is a lack of payment modes which a person prefers.

No appeal

The website is humdrum and not captivating enough to encourage customers to go through it. Furthermore, slow loading pages is also a big irritant.

With SetMyCart, businesses can not only just set up their business online but also provide a seamless and friendly customer experience. Multiple features offered by SetMyCart are sure to induce brand growth and help businesses. Brands can now set up their omnichannel (offline+ecommerce) business hassle-free.

Appealing website

Setmycart provides a user-friendly website to all its clients which is easily customizable and can be used by anyone.

The visual appeal is said to have a favorable and lasting impact on customers. With setmycart’s website, brands can put banners, feature products, add or remove products, make categories and add their features as per their liking.

It is imperative to ensure that website is aesthetically pleasing and mobile-friendly. Many times, the users abandon the cart due to the cumbersome process of checking out which is a great hindrance to brand growth. Setmycart provides a simple-to-operate website that does not dissuade customers with its complicated procedure.

Order management and inventory management

The owners can manage orders from multiple stores on a single app and website. There is an option to order online, offline, takeaway, home delivery, and keeping a track of these orders is available at your fingertips.

Oftentimes, customers complain about a lack of order tracking system or lack of their preferred payment mode. Setmycart provides automated order updates to your customers which means there would be fewer calls from the customers’ side and there is no follow-up required to keep them informed.

Customers can make the payment via any mode which they prefer. Be it COD, online payment, UPI, or credit, the website and app have all the required featured to make the process more customer-friendly. Setmycart already has integrations with several payment partners.

It is also extremely easy for the companies to sell via multiple stores online as well as offline. They just need to configure their stores and they can start selling.

As the company starts selling through multiple online and offline channels, the need for accurate information about inventory at any given point becomes invaluable. Setmycart gives the option of advanced multi-store inventory management and stock updates. With this up-to-date stock information, brands can keep up with their websites. Inventory information can avert situations such as out of stock or order duplication and customers would be spared to make purchases on the basis of given wrong information.

A D2C brand must invest in inventory management to expedite order processing by integrating all sales channels in different stores through a common stock and inventory database. This would ensure timely deliveries, stocks, sales while cutting down the manual efforts.

Attract customers via offers

The use of advanced marketing automation tools is just as important to generation traction as other sales strategies. Brands tend to either ignore or use incorrectly the methods of email marketing, offering coupons and discounts. Setmycart provides an advanced technical framework for business owners to send offer alerts to their customers or potential customers via SMS, WhatsApp text, email instantly. The benefit of offer alert is an undeniable truth and sellers often overlook it. Setmycart offers easy to use, user-friendly way of managing all text alerts on fingertips. Moreover, sellers can also put a customizable coupon code on their website or send it directly or customers. The discounts and other promotions can be sent easily based on consumer buying patterns. Developing a personalized relation with customers has proved to increase sales. Sending a certain person, offer a message about a product they are likely to buy leads to favorable results. Leveraging available consumer data to send emails, offers and discounts is a great way to build a connection. Setmycart provides valuable customer service for your customers by pulling out all the relevant consumer data and enabling alert message sending. Moreover, setmycart’s website also has a total savings section at checkout to subtly encourage customers to shop from the brand more often by showing all that they have saved in their recent purchase.

Logistics integration

Timely order dispatching can be daunting when you are dealing with several orders at once from multiple channels.

This parameter is crucial as it can avert customers if not executed properly.

Outsourcing order deliveries have come in handy of late when e-commerce brands are tasked with handling multiple orders. Speedy delivery, tracking, verifying shipping addresses, and investment in other automation tools can be costly if executed by the brand alone. Normally, the most convenient and proactive method in such a scenario would be to integrate the third-party logistics company with the shopping carts, team customer care, and shipping partners.

SetMyCart already has over a dozen integration with logistics. Companies need not worry about dabbling with outsourcing to make their work easier. We have got it covered. Availing of our services would entail automated logistics for dispatch and shipment. Brands can focus on multiple orders at once without worrying about the availability of delivery partners.

Loaded with numerous features, Setmycart is the easiest way to start your business online. While we take care of the technicalities, you focus on sales. Automated and advanced features of setmycart are essential for any online business to survive in today’s cut-throat competition. Get all the necessary information at your fingertips about your business from any corner of the world.

Get in touch with us today and book your slot for a free demo. It’s time now that you shift your business online and multiply sales.

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